Great Interview about Golden Root aka Rhodiola Rosea

Here is an excellent interview with one of the foremost experts on Rhodiola Rosea:

Episode Highlights

0:34 Santa’s Stimulant: Rhodiola Rosea.
1:44 This Week in Neuroscience: Brain Training Can Teach Synesthesia-Like Perception.
4:28 iTunes Review thank-you.
5:11 Introduction to Dr. Patricia Gerbarg.
6:22 What’s the difference between “true” adaptogens and herbs with adaptogenic properties?
7:03 How liquid chromatography can help you identify active components of different drugs.
8:53 The history of Rhodiola rosea or “the golden root” and its use in high altitude societies.
12:37 Rhodiola rosea in Greek Mythology.
16:19 Effects of Rhodiola rosea on mental and physical energy levels and cognition.
18:53 ATP, cellular repair systems, and aging.
20:48 Anti-aging and stress studies on Rhodiola rosea and other adaptogens.
23:30 Adaptogens in space.
25:15 How Rhodiola rosea research was brought to the United States from Russia.
26:00 Dr. Gerbarg and Dr. Brown’s first English-language review of Rhodiola rosea, and how research has progressed since then.
27:12 Limitations and risks of Rhodiola rosea and differences in reactions to dosages.
30:57 Rhodiola rosea in sports drinks and a question about L-theanine.
32:24 Half-life range and best times of day to supplement.
33:15 Dr. Gerbarg’s personal usage of Rhodia rosea, her experience with Lyme disease, and her book, The Rhodiola Revolution.
35:53 Rhodiola rosea and its role in fertility and cancer treatment
38:57 An invitation to join some of us at Smart Drug Smarts in a therapeutic water fast.
39:45 Ruthless Listener-Retention Gimmick: 60-Second Brain Health Test.