The Importance of Adaptogens Explained

Do you want to have more energy, increased productivity, and a long life? There are very real paths to achieve all of these things in our lives, by cultivating our bodies into radiant health through the practice of tonic herbalism. The  use of certain herbs to achieve vitality is thousands of years old, and has been developed by people across the globe.

Scientists have studied indigenous herbalism practices and found that there are certain plants, called adaptogens, that have a profound strengthening effect on bodies. These special substances have been shown to bring the body into balance, or homeostasis.  Amazingly, they can accelerate restoration and focus, without being overstimulating. These amazing herbal substances do not work like stimulants such as caffeine, which release stores of adrenaline. Over time caffeine wears down our energy stores, taxing the adrenal glands. Adaptogens are different. They serve to build stores of energy, so more is available when it is needed. They can improve our health and sense of well being dramatically.

adaptogens_vs_drugsIf you liken the effect of stimulants and adaptogens on energy levels to a water well, stimulants such as caffeine and nicotine would be akin to having a larger pump to tap into the water source faster, but over time may deplete water levels. After a while of over taxing your well, of energy,  it becomes depleted, even dry. Taking adaptogenic herbs on a regular basis is similar to having your well drilled much deeper, so you have a vast supply of clean pure water. Then when you do need extra energy to get through your day, it is just available. With continued use one can feel the energy pulsing through the body; but not in a way that leaves you shaking like a three dollar washing machine. It is a balanced energy that brings a sense of calm.

Several of these herbal tonics have been shown to increase the production of adenosine triphosphate, ATP, the molecule utilized for energy in cells. The resulting energy that can be realized from the cumulative effect of using adaptogens is amazing. It emanates from every cell in the body and culminates to leave you feeling empowered.

telomeresScience is has also recently validated the age old tradition of using adaptogenic herbs as longevity tonics. The ends of our DNA strands are known as telomeres. Telomeres act like the plastic ends on a shoe lace, they protect the DNA from damage and unraveling. As we age, telomeres become shorter and shorter with each cell division. At a certain point they become so short that health cell division can not occur and our bodies begin to deteriorate rapidly. Scientists can measure your telomeres and accurately tell you how long you could live unless some dramatic event occurred.  A healthy lifestyle, with clean food, exercise, sleep, relaxation, pure water, sunlight, and air can slow down the process of telomere shortening, What is incredibly exciting is that certain substances in tonic herbs have been shown to actually lengthen our telomeres, theoretically prolonging the amount of time healthy cell division, which is akin to health, can occur.

A new discovery in science, epigenetics, is changing current view points on how our DNA is expressed and effected by literally everything we do in life. Chemical substances in our body have the effect of turning on or off the expression of genes in our DNA. Our DNA is the hardware, everything you interact with is the software. This crucial discovery brings to light the age old adage of “you are what you eat”. But in reality it goes deeper. It has been shown that a whole range of stimulus can turn on or off genes, which will then result in a different version of you. Furthermore, the changes in your DNA that you make are passed on to the next generation, and even into your children’s children. In light of this it becomes evident that creating a strong healthy body will benefit future generations.